Sunday, November 30, 2008


This is Michael and Justin snowboarding last winter. I had so much fun making this page. I laughed looking back through these photos. The boys had so much fun snowboarding and sledding down our hill. This kit was so much fun to use and fit the photos so well.

Kit: Blushbutter's Snowflakes

Font: Ms to try a bon?

Software: PSPX2, Alien Skin Splat Edges

Saturday, September 6, 2008

School Spirit Brag book exchange

The Blush-N-Dusty Yahoo Group is having a quick page exchange using Lara Payton's cute School Spirit and School Spirit Companion kits. Here are two pages that I made. If you participate, you'll get these pages (without the photos or journaling) plus all the other ones made by the participants.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brace Face

Journaling: You were understandably reluctant to get your new braces, but you couldn't tell that based upon your smile afterwards. They make you look so grown up!


Papers from School Spirit by Blushbutter

Fonts: Snap ITC (title), Matura MT Script Capitals (Journaling), CK Racer (date), Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold (Before & After)

Software: PSPX2, Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact plug-ins: Brushed Metal (behind journaling tag) and Gradient Glow (Title)

Other: Journaling Tag outline from Atomic Cupcake Pretty Shapes

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Childhood photos of Dave and I

My husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago. He gave me a pretty photo album as one of my gifts. The title on the book is “With every step love grows” so I thought I would work on a book of us. It holds 2-4X6 photos per page. It’s so different doing 4X6 scrap pages. Here is my first pair of pages.


All papers and elements: Unicorn kit by Blushbutter

Font: Gigi

Software: PSPX2

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Boys with Scruffy

This is a stray kitten that my parents "adopted". The boys love to play with him.


Blushbutter Unicorn Kit

Font: Freestyle Script

Software: PSPX2 and Alienskin Xenofex2 Burnt Edges

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Parents' 40th Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year. That's such an incredible milestone. Here's a layout with their wedding photos and a photo from their 40th Anniversary Party.

Kit: Blushbutter's Unicorn and Fairy clipart kit

Fonts: Fiolex Girls (40th and dates) and Quill (Your Love...)

Software: PSP X2

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thomas D. Oviatt

This is my great-great-grandfather, Thomas D. Oviatt.


Thomas D. Oviatt

Thomas was born July 22, 1838 in the town of Jackson, New York. He was the second of two children born to Samuel and Lydia Loudon (McMillan) Oviatt. Thomas’ mother died when he was only three years old. His father remarried and had another child with his new wife.

Thomas married Isabelle R. (Arnott) on December 7, 1869. They had six children together—4 boys and 2 girls.

He was listed as a farmer in the census records. His daughter, Margaret, said that his chief occupation was going West very often and bringing back a carload of horses, farm horses, driving horses, etc.

Thomas did have his teaching certificate, but by the time he wrote his will (two days before his death) he could no longer even sign his name. He died October 6, 1887 and was laid to rest in Woodlands Cemetery at Cambridge, New York next to his beloved wife.


Feather pen, plaque and vellum from Blushbutter's Good Men Kit

Book from Blushbutter's Craft Scrapbooking Kit

Rest from Blushbutter's Gentle kit.

Fonts: Edwardian Script ITC (name) and Pristina (journaling)

Software: PSP X2

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Lil' Fisherman

I was so excited to win a drawing at Digi Shop Talk. The kit is Missing the Tails by Sweet Digi Scraps. I think it's about the cutest kit I've seen, so I had to scrap about the cutest kid I've ever seen! :) My sincere thanks to Sweet Digi Scraps for the RAK.

Papers and elements from Missing the Tails by Sweet Digi Scraps

Font: Tall Paul

Software: PSP X2

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Isabelle (Arnott) Oviatt

Well, here's my first page for my great-great-grandparents.


Isabelle was born October 19, 1846 in Cambridge, New York, to Francis Hamilton Arnott and his wife, Margaret Rea. She was the second of eight children born to the couple.

Isabelle married Thomas D. Oviatt on December 7, 1869. They had six children. The first were twin sons, Francis and Samuel (named after the grandfathers), born September 10, 1870. They both died in September of 1871 of Cholera Infantism. The other children were George (1872-1947), Alexander (1873-1893), Lydia Margaret (1877-1960) and Margaret Arnott (1883-1977).

Isabelle died November 22, 1886 and was laid to rest in Woodlands Cemetery, Cambridge, NY. Only one year later her husband, Thomas, died as well. This left their remaining children, all under age, to be split up and passed from home to home.

According to her daughter, Margaret, Isabelle was a beautiful sewer. She had made appliqu├ęd quilts, plain quilts, etc. George received Isabelle’s piano, silver, bed and table linens and other household goods when he married. The daughters received nothing from the estate.

Credits: All papers and elements from Blushbutter's Gentle kit.

Fonts: Brush Script MT and Vladimir Script

Software: PSP X2

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Michael and the Rainbow

This is my son Michael in front of a rainbow that was visible from his grandparents camp in Canada.

Everything from Blushbutter's Summer Dreams kit except the stitching which is from Blushbutter's Baby Boy Heart Strings kit.

Fonts: Broadway, Script MT Bold and Bodoni MT Black.

Software: PSP X2 and Alien Skin Splat: Edges Filter

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cats & Birds

This is a layout I did for the Blush-n-Dusty Yahoo! Group. They have a monthly challenge. This month was to scrap your pets (or why you don't like pets) and to use a stamp from Lara Payton's Pet Pretties.


Cats and birds don't normally mix well, but Tigger doesn't bother our birds. When he was a kitten, he would sit on the top of the bird cage. The birds would climb up and bite his toes until he got down. He learned at a young age to "respect the beak"!

All paper and elements from Summer Dreams by Blushbutter except the stamp from Pet Pretties by Lara Payton

Word Art-CarrieCattSH, Lucida Calligraphy and BirdArt
Journaling-Andy and Snap ITC

Software: PSPX2 and Alien Skin Split Edges plugin

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I was published!

My layout of my great-grandmother Margaret Arnott (Oviatt) Small-Ashton was published in the 3 Scrapateers E-Magazine Scrap-Style, May/June 2008. It's on page 17.

Scrap-Style was completing a series of articles on going Heritage Scrapbooks and had an open call for layouts. I submitted this one a month or so ago. The call closed and I didn't hear back, so I figured they had passed on my layout. I was very excited to receive a complimentary issue on Saturday that contained my layout. It was a great surprise for International Scrapbooking Day.

I had never tried submitting to a publication before. Now that I broke the ice, maybe I'm going to have to try to get into a printed magazine, hee-hee! We'll see!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Badge Album pages

There's a new craze in the digiscapping community: badge albums. They're a bit smaller than an ATC and you get cheap badge holders (I got 12 for $1.64 at Wal-Mart in the office supply section) and hook them together like a little album. It's a small scrapbook that you can carry around in your pocketbook or whatever.

I made a few pages to see if I'd like doing them. They're pretty small, so there's not a lot of room for embellishment if you want to keep the photos a reasonable size. Keep in mind each scrapbook page is about the size of a wallet-sized photo.

What do you think?


All kits and elements from Blushbutter's Easter basket kit execept the cameo and pearl necklace, which is from her Victorian Wedding kit and the scroll with "4 Generations" on it, which I created.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Something different-my parrot

Here's something a little different, a layout of my parrot, Pascal. He's an African Grey parrot and just turned two (hatchday 4/16). He talks and whistles and is a lot of fun. I'm using this as the desktop on my computer.

I used Andrea Gold's Stars Galore 4 Brag book template set (Template 31) and Blushbutter's Easter basket for the papers and the feather (Pascal has a red tail, so I thought it was suiting)

Fonts Used: Blackadder ITC and Blue Highway Condensed

Programs Used: PSPX2, Alien Skin 5 Impact (Bevel)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Credits Page

Here is my credits page which will be the last one in the 18 page version of my book.


Fairy from Blushbutter's Helen's Roses and Lace

Paper and card from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit

Glitter heart and swirl from Blushbutter's Treasure Hunt freebie

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lee Earl Porter

Here's about my Dad, Lee Earl Porter.

Journalling (not retyped due to privacy concerns--sorry about the blotches hiding info too).


Papers and elements from Blushbutter's Baby Boy Heart Strings kit and Add-on

Fonts: Angelina (his name) and Amaze D (text)

Software: PSP X2

Friday, February 29, 2008

Kathe Ruth Small

Here is my lovely mother's page, Kathe Ruth (Small) Porter.

I'm not going to post all the journalling since she's alive, but I will put a little of it here:

Kathe has been a stay-at-home wife and mother. Although not a position that is often well-respected, she worked harder than most people who work outside the home. Everyone always commented how clean her house was and that was no small feat for a family with two small children. She often read to her children and played games with them when they were little. The strong foundation that she provided greatly contributed to her family's happiness and success.

On the star: She is an avid reader, enjoying books from many genres.

On the heart: She enjoys spending time with her grandsons.


Papers and elements from Blushbutter's Baby Boy Heart Strings kit and Add-on

Fonts: Angelina (her name), Amaze D (text) and Andy on the star & heart

Software: PSP X2

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Robert Bashaw Porter

Here is my grandfather, Robert Bashaw Porter.

The journalling reads:

Robert was born April 15, 1915 at Townshend, Vermont to Frank Edwin Porter and his wife Phoebe Mary Bashaw. He was the third of five children born to them.

He was first married to Ellen Beatrice Brown on September 25, 1935 at Townshend, Vermont. They had 8 children together. After they divorced, he married Metaxia Chicklas on February 16, 1947. They had three children.

Robert had worked as a truck driver. He had been employed by the H. P. Welch Company for 30 years and was a member of the Teamsters Union, Local 633 and was the shop steward.

Robert died February 6, 1970 at Hanover, New Hampshire when old 54 years old of a heart attack. He was buried in Monadnock View Cemetery, Keene, New Hampshire.


Charm from Blushbutter's Baby Boy Heart Strings kit

Brown rope from Blushbutter's Helen's Roses and Lace kit

Tag (with name), paper behind the journalling and the piece of string from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit

Rest of papers and elements from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage kit

Fonts: Segoe Script (title) and Mercurius Script MT Bold (text)

Software: PSP X2

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ellen Beatrice Brown

This is my grandmother, Ellen Beatrice Brown.

The journalling reads:

Ellen was born in Charlestown, New Hampshire on March 10, 1918. She was the oldest of three children of James and Beatrice (Wilson) Brown.

She was married three times and bore twelve children. Her first marriage was to Robert Bashaw Porter on September 25, 1935 at Townshend, Vermont. They divorced. Her second marriage was to Gerald Ellsworth Tashro on April 25, 1946. He died while they were married. Her third marriage was to Henry Guy Towsley on September 8, 1951 at Schenectady, New York. They divorced.

She graduated from The School of Practical Nursing Pioneer Valley Division on June 11, 1969. She gave the Valedictory Address and was also president of her class.

Ellen died October 28, 1970 at Western Massachusetts Hospital in Westfield after a brief illness. At the time she was living at Ware, Massachusetts with her companion, Raymond DeSaint.


Rope that charms are hanging on from Blushbutter's Helen's Roses and Lace kit

The paper that was journalled on from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding Kit

Red Rose was a Blush-N-Dusty mailing list freebie from Blushbutter

Charms made by me using PSPX2 and AlienSkin EyeCandy5 Impact plug-ins.

The rest of the papers and elements from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage Kit

Fonts: Vladimir Script (title) and Tall Paul (text)

Software: PSP X2, Alien Skins' EyeCandy 5 Impact Chrome and Glass (on the charms)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

James William Brown

Here is a great-grandfather, James William Brown.

The journalling reads:

James was born in Hanover, New Hampshire on October 5, 1890, the son of Peter and Josephine (LaPorte) Brown. He was the fifth child of eleven born to his parents. Both parents were originally from Canada and the family bounced back and forth over the border.

For 40 years, he was employed by the Boston and Maine Railroad as a section foreman.

He was a member of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and lived in Charlestown, New Hampshire for 56 years.

He died July 9, 1973 at Springfield, Vermont. Burial was in Pine Crest Cemetery, Charlestown, New Hampshire.


The great book is Blushbutter's Display Book

Paperclip from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding Kit

The rest is from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage Kit

Fonts: Segoe Script (name) and Viner Hand ITC (text)

Software: PSP X2, Alien Skin Splate Edges plug-in (torn paper) and Alien Skin EyeCandy 5 Impact (glass)

Beatrice Geneva (Wilson) Brown

Here is my great-grandmother, Beatrice Geneva (Wilson) Brown.


She was born in South Charlestown, March 27, 1898, the daughter of William H. and Ellen (Pecor) Wilson and had resided in Charlestown nearly all her life. She was the seventh of ten children born to her parents.

She married James William Brown on March 16, 1916 at Enfield, New Hampshire. They had two daughters and son from their union.

She was employed as a tower operator for the Boston & Maine Railroad during World War II.

She passed away May 12, 1982 at the Westwood Health Care Center in Keene, after a long illness. Burial was in Pine Crest Cemetery, Charlestown, New Hampshire, next to her departed husband.


Cameo, Stick Pin, Safety Pin, Vellum and Notecard from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding Kit

Roses from Blushbutter's Helen's Roses & Lace Kit

The rest is from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage Kit

Fonts: Segoe Script (name) and Viner Hand ITC (text)

Software: PSP X2, Alien Skin Splate Edges plug-in (torn paper)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Phoebe Mary (Bashaw) Porter

This is my great-grandmother, Phoebe Mary (Bashaw) Porter.

The journalling reads:

Phoebe was born in South Charlestown, New Hampshire on July 15, 1882, a daughter of Eli and Elizabeth (Burnell) Bashaw. She was the ninth of ten children born to the couple.

Her marriage to Frank Porter took place February 3, 1900 at Bellows Falls, Vermont. They had five children together: Eli, Evelyn, Robert, Harry and Annie.

The couple lived in South Charlestown, New Hampshire before moving to Townshend, Vermont in 1903. In 1920, they were in Bellows Falls, Vermont and in 1933 they moved to Halifax, Vermont. After Frank’s death in 1943, she lived in Brattleboro, Vermont until about 1958, when she moved to West Dummerston, Vermont.

Phoebe died May 11, 1963 at Brattleboro, Vermont. She was buried next to her husband in Locust Ridge Cemetery, Brattleboro, Vermont. Her daughter, Annie, and son, Harry, were also buried in the family plot.


Papers and elements from Blushbutter's Helen's Roses and Lace kit

Fonts: Vladimir Script (text) and Segoe Script (text)

Software: PSP X2

Frank Edwin Porter

Here is one of my great-grandfathers, Frank Edwin Porter.

Journalling as follows:

Frank was born October 23, 1878 at Alstead, New Hampshire to Corliss and Sophia Ann (Palmer) Porter. He was the seventh of fourteen children that we know of. He was called “Pico”, although we don’t know the story behind that nickname.

He lived many different places, including Alstead and Charlestown, New Hampshire, as well as Townshend, Bellows Falls and Halifax, Vermont. The majority of the time he was engaged in farming.

He died June 12, 1943 in the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital at Brattleboro, Vermont and was buried in Locust Ridge Cemetery in Brattleboro.


Papers and elements from Blushbutter's Helen's Roses and Lace kit

Fonts: Vladimir Script (text) and Segoe Script (text)

Software: PSP X2

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ruth Agnes (Henry) Small

This is my maternal grandmother, Ruth Agnes (Henry) Small.

I love how her Sr. portrait is colorized. It was like that already!

Journalling reads:

Ruth was born December 10, 1917 in Greenwich, New York to Egbert Deranzel and Agnes (Devine) Henry, the second of two daughters. She grew up in this town and graduated from the High School in June of 1936. Ruth worked as a telephone operator after her graduation.

She was the second wife of Marshall James Small. They were married October 27, 1947 in the First Congregational Church in Stamford, Connecticut by Russell M. McGowen. The couple lived on Spring Street in Cambridge, New York and had two daughters and one son together.

Ruth was a member of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Cambridge, a member and former matron of Cambridge Valley Chapter 570, Order of the Eastern Star (OES), and a member of the Cambridge Senior Citizens.

She and Marshall were buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, New York in the Small family plot.


Journalling notecard (recolored) and vintage flower bouquet from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit

Rest of papers and elements from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage kit

Fonts: Batik Regular (title) and Rage Italic (text)

Software: PSP X2

Alfred Maxwell Small

Here is my great-grandfather, Alfred Maxwell Small.

Journalling reads:

Alfred was born May 20, 1879 in the Town of Jackson, New York, to James and Sarah Martha (Edie) Small. He was the youngest of three children and the only surviving son.

He resided on the home farm in East Greenwich until about four years before his death, when he moved with his family to Cambridge. He had been a farmer and a carpenter.

He was Past Master of Salem Lodge, F. & M., and Past Patron of Ondawa Chapter, O. E. S. , and a member of the Presbyterian Church.

He died January 12, 1931 at his home on Grove Street, Cambridge and his interment was in Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, New York.


Papers and elements from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit

Fonts: Pristina (title) and Amaze (text)

Software: PSP X2

Margaret Arnott (Oviatt) Small-Ashton

This is my beautiful great-grandmother's page.

The journalling reads:

Margaret Arnott Oviatt

Margaret was born April 13, 1883 in the Town of Jackson, the daughter of Thomas and Isabelle (Arnott) Oviatt. She was the youngest of six children. Her parents both died when she was young, so she was moved from relative to relative when growing up.

She graduated from Cambridge Union School and Oneonta Teachers' College. She taught a fifth grade class at Greenwich and Cambridge Schools.

Margaret was married to Alfred Maxwell Small on November 10, 1908 in Cambridge, New York. Together they had two sons. After Alfred’s death, she married Andrew Ashton on April 26, 1937 in Cambridge.

She was a member of the Cambridge United Presbyterian Church for 76 years and was a member of the Ondawa Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for more the 50 years, including being a regent of the chapter.

She passed away June 6, 1977 at Cambridge and was buried in the Small family plot in Evergreen Cemetery, Salem, New York.

Papers and elements from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit

Fonts: Pristina (title)and Amaze (text)

Software: PSP X2

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Marshall James Small

This page is about my maternal grandfather,Marshall James Small.

The journalling reads:

Marshall James Small was born on April 26, 1910 in Jackson, NY, and died December 20, 1972 in Cambridge, NY when 62 years old. He was the son of Alfred Maxwell Small and Margaret Arnott (Oviatt) Small. He had only one younger brother, Donald.

Marshall did not graduate from high school. He transferred from Salem High School to Cambridge High School after his second year. He then dropped out school in April 1929. He had been active in the Boy Scouts of America.

He later went to school to become an undertaker, sponsored by his uncle, Daniel Westfall. He received his undertaker's license on June 21, 1932 from the State Department of Health in Albany, New York. He disliked that career and practiced only a short time, although it would have meant stability and security for his family.

Marshall worked all kinds of odd jobs. He was a pipe carver, house painter, clerk, undertaker, oil delivery man and oil burner repairman.


Papers and elements from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage kit.

Fonts: Batik Regular (title) and Rage Italic (text)

Software: PSP X2

Agnes (Devine) Henry

This is my great-grandmother, Agnes (Devine) Henry. The journalling reads:

Agnes was the oldest of three children born to William J. Devine and Emily (Wilkinson). Both her parents were natives of Northern Ireland.

She lived her entire life in Greenwich, New York. She was born in that town December 17, 1889 and died there December 31, 1965 at her home.

She was married to Egbert Deranzel Henry on August 30, 1910 in Greenwich, New York.

She was a member of the United Presbyterian Church. She was formerly employed by the Greenwich Manufacturing Company.


Papers and elements are from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage kit.

Fonts: Lucida Handwriting (title) and Segoe Script (text)

Software: PSP X2

Egbert Deranzel Henry

This is a great-grandfather, Egbert Deranzel Henry.

The journalling reads:

Egbert was born September 17, 1886 at Greenwich, New York and was a life-long resident of that community. He was the second of seven children born to Deranzel Henry and his wife, Mary (Almy).

For many years he was employed at the Stevens and Thompson paper mills, and later in life had been a carpenter. He was a member of the United Presbyterian church of which he was an elder for a number of years, and also was a member of the Odd Fellows lodge.

He died January 19, 1946 at his home on Hill Street after being in poor health for a number of years. Interment was in the Greenwich cemetery.


Papers and elements are from Blushbutter's Victorian Heritage kit.

Fonts are Vladimir Script (for the title) and Pepita MT (for the text)

Software: PSP X2

My Page for My Heritage Album

This is the page of my album that is me. Please excuse the blue mark-outs of dates. Some people on the internet might try to be naughty with that information.


Circle frame from Blushbutter's Round Creme Frames

The rest of the papers and elements are from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit.

Fonts are Amaze D and Times New Roman.

Software: PSP X2

Family Tree page for Heritage book

This was a really simply family tree book for my Heritage Album. I used some genealogy software to create the tree, saved it as a jpg, and then scrapped around it.

Please excuse the blue mark outs on the page. We have to protect the living people since not everyone on the internet is honorable.


Background, side tear paper and rose border from Blushbutter's Helens' Roses and Lace kit

Postcard from Blushbutter's Victorian Wedding kit

Fonts are Lucida Handwriting (for title) and Amaze (on the tree)

Software used: Paint Shop Pro X2 and Charting Companion for Family Tree Maker

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Helen's Roses & Lace QP exchange

The Blush-N-Dusty group is having a quick page exchange with Blushbutter's new kit Helen's Roses & Lace. It's so beautiful! Vanessa never ceases to amaze me with her designs.

Here's a page that I made for the exchange. There's still time to join in!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Title Page to Heritage book

This is the title page for a Heritage Book that I truly am going to do. I've started writing the text for some of the pages and have an idea in my mind of how I'm going to lay it out.

The kits I'm planning to use (and did use on this page) are Victorian Heritage and Victorian Wedding by Blushbutter. They're beautiful with lots of elements and colors that I gravitate towards. I'll probably use the Lace Frames and Round Frames that I've also purchased from Blushbutter's shop.

The font on this page for the title is Hancock.